Kaela’s Story

I was really excited to volunteer my time at the Equest Center! We all rode together in a huge van to Rockford. It looked like rain was just around the corner, but we lucked out and stayed dry! The bugs followed us everywhere as Brad gave us a tour of the ranch and showed us the progress that had been made on the Saddle Safari Trail.

We were then split into groups and given assignments. A couple people were quickly trained on how to drive the tractor, while everyone else snagged some shovels and rakes. Eventually, the dirt my group was spreading brought the path to life as the other group spread wood-chips on another path. It was cool to see the difference our hard work made!

It was then time for a lunch break and we headed inside to escape the crazy bugs. After lunch, my group spent the rest of the afternoon raking around the corn silo to create a path. The other group worked on the Click Clack Crossing bridge. On our way back, a couple of us ventured into the stable to check out the horses! It was a fantastic day, and I can’t wait to see what Saddle Safari looks like when it’s finished. When we were headed back, we stopped to take a group photo in front of a beautiful sunflower field!

What a great day volunteering for such a great cause!