Falon’s Story

As we climbed into the white, 9-passenger van our volunteer team wasn’t totally sure what to expect at “the ranch;” while Baudville has had a long-standing relationship with the Equest Center, none of us had actually been to the facility. We pulled in, and met our fearless leader, Brad, along with Kathy, Equest’s Executive Director, to hear about the day’s assignments.

On the docket:
– Finishing up the tree planting from workday 1’s crew
– Clearing brush from the trail’s future path
– Cutting, shaping, and molding the conifer trees to create a tunnel pathway

Sounds pretty easy, right? Easy? No. Fun? Absolutely! So we sprayed ourselves down with bug spray, grabbed a water bottle, and we were off! Our group split up into teams to tackle the tasks at hand.

After lunch, we had the opportunity to see the Equest Center in action. We looked on as two different riders underwent their therapy sessions. One of the riders was working on his bilateral motions and was pretty self-sufficient on the horse. The other rider required 6 walkers alongside her horse – her disability has left her wheelchair bound. It was amazing to see her sitting on a horse and the workout to the core muscles to keep herself centered and upright was truly awe-inspiring.

Having the chance to see just how much the Equest Center does for the people in our local community was definitely the highlight of my day. To be able to give back to such an incredible organization alongside my peers is something I will never forget. I can’t wait to see the finished product and all of the smiling faces as kids and adults alike ride through the trail!